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School Meals


From Monday 5th November we have a new 3 week menu offering several choices each day.  Your child will be able to choose exactly what they want from our new online ordering system.
Please click here for a copy of the new menu
Please click here for information about the new choice system and click on the link in the letter to make your selections

                            Christmas Lunch meal selection - click here


School meals are made on the premises by our catering team, led by Mrs Moore. The smell of freshly baked bread regularly wafts through the building the tempt everyone into the dining room!         

What service does school offer?

  • Freshly cooked lunches

The children have a choice of taking a school meal or bring a packed lunch from home.  Meals are planning in line with nutritional standards set by the Department of Education and Skills.  Menus for this term are shown on the ‘menus’ link.  Occasionally menus may vary because fresh supplies have not been delivered.

At lunchtime the children sit in 'family' groups, with children from their house team.

The children have their own seat in the dining room - we find this makes lunchtime more settled and happy.

  • Fruit & vegetable tuck shop

During morning break- between 10.30 and 10.45am, we ask the children to make a healthy choice of snack.  No crisps or biscuits, but fresh fruit or vegetables instead.  The children can bring their own fruit from home if they wish.

  • Free milk for children in Reception
  • Fruit or vegetables for classes 1 & 2 to eat on their way home

Children learn about the benefits of '5 a day' in class.  Children at West Vale Primary have a chance to have fruit at break, at lunchtime and after school - so they are well on their way to the target.

  • Constant access to fresh drinking water

Children have water bottles which they take home every day, wash, and fill with fresh water.  This gives them access to water during class.  At lunchtime, chilled fresh water is provided on the dining tables.


If your child has any special dietary needs, please contact Mrs Scott at school. 

Our Catering Manager, Mrs Thompson along with our Cook in Charge, Mrs Moore, have experience of tailoring  our menu to accommodate dietary requirements for medical needs.